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Shahar has been active in the Israeli high-tech market since 2004 as a consultant, executive and entrepreneur. He has a strong track record including several executive business development positions. Shahar is an entrepreneur at heart and has lead a large number of financing rounds as well as complex commercial transactions. Shahar holds a bachelor's degree in law and business administration from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.


Shahar amit

VP of Business Development

Nofar is a senior analyst with 14 years experience, from leading investment firms such as "Halman Aldubi" and ""Peilim”


Nofar Mark

Senior Analyst

Has been leading Israeli and international companies in IPOs and issuance in London for over 15 years. He has served as chairman, board member, investor relations and CFO of various public companies in London.


Eitan Yanov

Director of Overseas Offerings

Sara Azar

Office Manager

Certified CPA and graduate of a bachelor's degree in accounting and business management, specializing in capital market. Almog worked in Ernst & Young at the Real Estate Department and has extensive experience in real estate companies operating in Israel, in Europe and in the USA.


Almog Mor

CPA, Analyst

Certified Public Accountant and Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University (2018). In addition, Yakir served for about two years (2018-2020) as an external director at NKS, a private company engaged in brand management of credit cards, event productions and public relations.


Yakir Osi

CPA, Analyst
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