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Firm services

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Capital Markets and IPOs

The capital market in general and IPO consulting in particular are a significant part of the firm’s activities, an activity in which we help clients successfully navigate their way to a successful IPO. Successful execution of a transition from a private company to a public company is complex and creates many challenges for the company’s management.

The entire issuance process usually takes up to 6 months and includes a number of critical steps:

  • Selection of underwriters – There are more than 10 underwriters / distributors in Israel, each with a different specialization and priority. In order to maximize the success of the offering, the appropriate underwriter must be selected.
  • Choice of IPO structure – Choosing the best listing structure for your company, whether uniform or non-uniform allocation.
  • Choosing the main service providers – a legal advisor with specific expertise in the capital market, an accounting consultant, an auditor and more
  • Adjustment of financial statements – usually a transition from USGAAP or Israeli standardization to IFRS. This adjustment is complex in many cases and includes valuations, capitalization of expenses, expense relief and so on.

Only after filling all the positions, preparing the company and writing the prospectus can the company start and turn to institutional investors. Ori Mor’s experience both as VP of investments, CFO of a public company, as chairman and as a member of investment committees knows and understands in depth the meaning and processes of each of these steps. 

Examples of companies that Mor Langermann accompanied as an IPO consultant: Bank Hapoalim (Isracard IPO), Eccopia, Alium, Millennium FoodTech, Alameda and more

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