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Fund Raising for Tech Companies

The world of capital raising for Israeli technology companies underwent a significant change during 2020 with the entry of institutional investors and the opening of the capital market, a change that was accelerated by the corona virus pandemic but began even before that. Regulatory changes such as the ability to list limited R&D partnerships (public venture capital funds), Regulation 43 of the Innovation Authority as well as the impact of the investment market in technology companies in the US, have all led to a new situation where technology companies are no longer limited to venture capital funds. The financing available to entrepreneurs and technology companies has changed and expanded greatly and the firms technology team, led by Ori Mor, specializes in creating broad and optimal fundraising solutions that combine all financing options while creating an effective and valued transaction outline for both the company and investors.

In addition to the possibility of raising funds from local and international venture capital funds, Mor Langermann specializes in raising additional and high-quality types of investors, such as:

  • Institutional investors – private and public investors, Israeli financial entities, including banks, large investment management companies, pension funds, etc., occupy a growing share of the total investments in the Israeli technological ecosystem. Mor Langermann specializes in fundraising from these entities and has successfully executed many transactions, private and public with a large number of institutional investors in the Israeli capital market.
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are a very unique type of investor in technology companies. On the one hand they are inundated with inquiries from many companies and on the other hand their attention will be given to a very limited number of companies that will meet their unique investment preferences. Mor Langermann regularly works with a select group of investors with whom we have a long standing relationship. The firm’s technology team is well aware of the investment preferences of each and every one of them and therefore our ability to match an investor to a company produces higher success potential for both parties.
  • Strategic investors – Another development in the Israeli ecosystem is the evolution of local technology companies into the status of investors and even acquirers of smaller and younger companies. Mor Langermann has long-standing relationships with a number of leading companies in a variety of fields.
  • Debt Raising – Venture Lending (VL) as bridge financing, as supplementary financing and even as a primary financing option in some cases. Companies in early and late growth stages can benefit from the possibility of fast and non-diluting financing.
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